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How Utah Princess Parties Work
At party time, the princess of your choice will arrive on your doorstep as the special guest of your birthday girl! She will provide special party entertainment to ensure the most amazing and unforgettable party ever!

Your special princess guest will supply her own radio and music. Birthday girl's favorite princess songs are sure to be a hit!

Your princess party guest will interact with your girls and will share her special story. Each party guest will feel like a princess herself as your special princess guest delicately applies party makeup (blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss) or fun face paint designs to each girl's face. Your princess will only use the highest quality non-toxic face makeup that is intended for use with children.

As a finale, the birthday girl will be crowned a true princess with a tiara she can keep and will be sung a special birthday song by her princess guest.

Your princess guest will also pose for pictures with your little princess and her guests at the end of her visit.

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Vegas Princess Parties
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