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Princess Party Policies
Princess parties are extremely fun for everyone! And in order to make sure your party runs as safely and smoothly as possible, please adhere to the policies listed below.


Parent Attendance: We ask that the parent(s) of the birthday child please stay for the duration of the party to attend to possible needs of the children. The parents of guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the fun, but we ask that onlookers keep the noise level to a minimum so the children do not get distracted and can adequately hear instructions from your princess guest.

Minimum / Maximum Attendance: Parties are generally designed for up to ten children. We prefer to keep it to ten or less children, but can occassionally make exceptions for larger numbers.

Atmosphere: We request that parents, friends and siblings present at the party be respectful to the princess guest. Should at any time the princess feel uncomfortable or be unable to continue her duties or entertainment because of the behavior of those present, she will stop the party and leave with payment in full. Behaviors such as but not limited to extremely loud conversation, lewd or crude comments, the use of alcohol or drugs, smoking indoors, unwanted touching or advances, physical or verbal abuse of children and the display or use of weapons will not be tolerated. Upon arrival, should the princess guest feel uncomfortable coming from her vehicle to the party, she will call and ask for an escort into the party.

Liability for Damage: We appreciate your consideration by ensuring that our property is treated gently and carefully. You are financially liable for any damage incurred to our property, including the princess gown and CD player.

Payments: All checks should be made payable to "Vegas Princess Parties."

NSF: There is a $25 bank fee for any check that is returned with NON SUFFICIENT FUNDS.

Cancellations and Refunds: If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies: We will refund your deposit (if any), minus a $25 cancellation fee. If you need to reschedule for any reason, we will do our best to offer an alternative party date for your consideration.

Travel Fees: A $25 traveling fee will be charged when travel exceeds a 25 mile radius. Additional fees may apply if outside the coverage area.

Gratuity & Tipping: A gratuity is not required, but it is appreciated!

Again, if you have any questions you are welcome to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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